You can create a custom ad campaign for the web and track the response rate by linking the ad to an SEM Form to get more information about the specific offer or event. Once the student fills out the form, he or she will get added to the EMP database and the EMP then records this specific SEM Form as the source of the student.

1. Go to Content > Forms

2. At the top right, click Forms and then New SEM Form

3. Input the Name, an Event if that’s the goal of the ad to get people to sign up (optional), and the Follow-up Page which is the page you want the student to be redirected to after filling out the form.

4. Click SEM Form, there you can enter the Page Title, Meta Description, and Image Description. Select an image – Select New to upload a custom one or select from the loaded ones.

At the end of the campaign, you can see all the students who responded to the ad. To do this, create a group and put the source as the SEM Form you created.

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