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How can I control which users can see information submitted through forms?
How can I control which users can see information submitted through forms?
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EMP Forms can potentially contain sensitive information—health records, social security numbers, even the content of personal essays. By utilizing Permission Groups, you can selectively display the content of specific forms to users assigned to qualified Permission Groups, by using Form and Field Rules.

Form and Field Rules are particularly useful in admissions departments using student workers or alumni who do not need to have access to all record information.

How to limit access to specific forms:

1. Once you have programmed your Permission Groups (see, navigate to theAccount Dropdown Menu on the EMP Toolbar8 and select *EMP Settings.

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2. In the EMP Settings area, select Form Access from the left side navigation.

3. In the Form Access Section, you will see a listing of every form you have created in EMP. Navigate to the desired form in the list and click the View (eye) icon to the right of the column to show the Form Access List.

4. Review the Form Access List. Note that all Permission Groups are listed. Permission Groups that can access the information contained on that specific form are checked off, and those without a check are unable to see the content of the form.

5. To edit access: Toggle the checkbox to control which permission groups can see which forms.

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