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Can I create custom categories for my fields?
Can I create custom categories for my fields?
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Yes, EMP allows clients to create custom Field Categories to control which fields are displayed under which headings on the student record page. You can even assign Field Category Access to be limited to select Permission Groups, further enhancing the security and customization of your account.

Field Categories are controlled in the EMP Settings, and their presentation appears in the Information area of Student Record pages.

By default, the Information area displayed a familiar suite of tabs – General Fields, Interest Fields, Extended Fields, etc. Field Categories allow you to change these defaults to help you navigate to information you use most frequently. Fields can appear redundantly across several categories and are not limited to one category.

How to create a new Field Category:

1. Once you have programmed your Permission Groups (see, navigate to theAccount Dropdown Menu on the EMP Toolbar and select EMP Settings.

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2. In the EMP Settings area, on the left side navigation select Field Categories.

3. In the Actions dropdown menu, select New Category. Note that you may also create a New Field in this dropdown.

4. In the Field Category Creation Modal that opens, write a name for the category. Then, select the Permission Groups who will have this Field Category appear in their Information area of the Student Record page.

5. Once the category is created, you will find it in the Field Category listing. Click the Add a new field (+) icon and select a field to add into this category. Repeat this process until you have assigned all desired fields to this category. If you would like to add a field that has not yet been created, you can easily do so by clicking the + icon in the Field Selection Menu.

6. To review the fields added into your Field Category, click the Show Category (eye) icon. Click it again to hide the category.

How to change which Permission Groups can view a Field Category:

1. Navigate to the Field Category you would like to edit and click the Edit Category button.

2. When the Field Category Creation Modal opens, it will display the current name and Permission Group Settings being use for that category. These can be updated and saved.

How to delete a Field Category:

1. Navigate to the Field Category you would like to edit and click the Delete Category (trashcan) button.

NOTE: Deleting a Field Category WILL NOT delete the associate fields or any stored information. It will simply remove that classification to those fields.

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How to reorder the appearance of Field Categories on Student Record Pages:

1. The order of Field Categories is controlled through the EMP Settings Field Manager. Navigate to it and click the Actions dropdown button to select Reorder Categories.

2. Grab the categories you would like to move and drag them in order. In this view, the topmost category translates to the leftmost category on the student view page and is the default information that is viewed.

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