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Stages –

It is important to move students from stage to stage in EMP as it will change the way each record is communicated with: from prospect through enrollment.

Prospect –

  • A Prospect is any potential student in your EMP Database. A Prospect has not yet been qualified as an Inquiry.

  • They have not filled out any electronic form requesting information about your school through your Inquiry Form on EMP. These are students who you may have met at a college fair, or are from an online service (cappex, student source etc) who you want to confirm their information (major/sport/club/demographic information) before treating them as a true inquiry. Essentially these are students who may inquire if compelled by your marketing, or by the actions of your Admissions staff. Purchased lists are a common source of Prospects.

  • Every Prospect has a PURL (Personalized URL). A Prospect’s PURL is presented as the EMP Inquiry Form. If you have data that matches fields on the form it will be pre-populated. You can check with your project manager to see if you have a prospect track set-up in EMP like a re-qualification track (in print and email, or email only) to make sure that any prospects you add are being encouraged to confirm their information using the form fill.

Inquiry –

  • These are students that have Inquired. They’ve filled out an Inquiry Form or have met with an Admissions Rep who has added them as an Inquiry in your EMP database. They’ve said, “Yes, I’m interested and I’d like to know more.” You would add a student as an inquiry (versus a prospect in EMP) if you already have all the information you need from that student (major/email/mailing address) and you feel it is accurate. Also, keep in mind that if you have a print piece going to inquiries as part of your contract, adding a lot of inquiries to EMP versus prospects will generate a great deal more print pieces.

  • If a Prospect uses your Inquiry Form in EMP to Inquire, they are automatically updated to Inquiry How-To Videos regarding the Manual Updating of Stage in EMP and Automatic Stage Updates.

Applicant –

  • These are students who have Applied for Admission in any one of several ways.

  • Your EMP program might include an Online Application in that case their Stage will update automatically. A student may have submitted an Electronic Application in some other way. They may have applied through your institution’s main website or through one of many online Application portals.

  • Reference imports regarding Stage Updates as they pertain to Applicants.

Accepted Students –

  • Stage won’t update automatically to Accepted.

  • Reference imports regarding Stage Updates pertaining to Accepted Students.

Denied Students –

  • Like Accepted, Stage won’t update automatically to Denied.

  • Students are moved to the Denied stage to prevent any marketing material from reaching them, that now given their Denied status, would be inappropriate.

  • Reference imports regarding Stage Updates and Denied Students.

Enrolled Students –

  • Stage also won’t update automatically to Enrolled.

  • Reference imports regarding Stage Update to Enrolled.

  • Reference imports regarding Stage Updates and Denied Students.

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